We love our customers! They are our community, friends & family. 


Feeling Young again!

Flying through the woods

Silent, effortless, joyful

A return to youth

thanks Mike and Heidi!  -C. Chung



National off-road hand-cycle champion

( quadriplegic e-bike class)

As a disabled rider I have had to innovate to get up into the foothills. Hand power compared to leg power is always a challenge. With e-assist I can ride up into the foothills and beyond and continue my passion for mountain bikes. Thanks for your help. Patrick S. Dougherty


Family of five

My husband Bobby and I just bought 2 electric cargo bikes for our family, we are all so excited we can barley stand it! We can fit all 5 of us and all of our gear for the day onto the two bikes, get all over town and back and still have some energy left at the end of the day thanks to the electric motors. Heidi and Mike are awesome, knowledgeable, and totally stoked about what they do. What a great, new, local, environmentally conscious, family business. -S. Jardine



What disability?

Look no further,
I can’t say enough how thankful I am finding a great shop!  You took care of my e-bike long after the sale and keep me riding again while repairs made. Excellent support long after the sale!  They didn’t have to help me but they did because they actually care about their customers.  If you want to the best e bikes in Boise go to the pros.  11 out of 10 is support and care long after the sale is made. Great people that love Idaho and make it great!  A friend, customer, and one arm mountain biker.  -Manny