St. Patty’s eMTB ride and #vanlife getaway from the snow.

Well, it’s been one helluva a winter here in the Sierra’s, and up in Idaho too. Record snowfall means not a lot of biking, so we were thrilled to close up shop in Reno this last weekend and go to the land of milk and honey for some good clean van life and sunny 72 degree weather. We rode a mellow 11 mile loop, had a blast, slept down by a creek, got hassled by the man for being dirtbags, and generally sucked the marrow out of this bone called life.

Enjoy the video, and come see us to dial in your ride for the season.

Jimmy Chin riffs on ebikes in the J-Hole…

One of everyone’s favorite mountain dudes – Jimmy Chin, just released a cool clip with some thoughts on his (looks like a sweet Expert Carbon) Turbo Levo and how it changes his approach to access.

We believe ebikes – whether mountain or town bikes, are transformative not only for individuals, but for our communities and our planet as well.

Thought much about shifting?

First things first, I’ve been a terrible blogger – exactly one post since starting this page back in January…  Whoops – my bad.

With that out of the way, we are hitting riding season, and I thought this article from Electric Bike Action Magazine was timely.  The takeaway is that proper shifting technique is perhaps more important on an ebike (especially eMTB’s) than on acoustic bikes, and that improper technique can dramatically shorten the lifespan of your chain and rear cassette.  It’s a good, short read.

Remember, keep your drivetrains clean and lubed and if your bike starts telling you it needs some love – bring her on in…



Thoughts on the new year…

Hi it’s Michael and I wanted to take a few moments to share with you all some thoughts on where we’ve been, where we are at, and where we plan on going in 2018.

I’m sitting writing this post from the now open (this morning!) sales floor of our new shop located at 611 Kunezli st in Reno, Nevada.  It’s almost surreal to be sitting and working in a space we only first saw when our van broke down outside town on the way to Burning Man this year.

Since that fateful breakdown at the end of September, we’ve found a space, moved into it, started a new company and rebranded as Motovelo.

While the shop in Reno is new – we have been working for the last three years growing the electric bike market as Boise Electric Bikes.  Boise Electric Bikes will be morphing into Motovelo Boise over the next few months.  We are still open at the same location, with the same great brands and the same great team at 2422 West Main ST Boise, Idaho.

With the move in to 2018 we are really excited to offer the finest ebikes in the world to the Reno and Sierra market.  We also plan to continue development of ebike related products, and are really excited to bring our first product to market this year in time for Interbike.

For now, we want to thank every customer and partner that has made our first three years a success, and raise our fists to the ebike revolution – Here’s to changing a whole lot of lives this year, one bike at a time.